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Dr. Diaz is one of the most sought after breast surgery specialists. In fact, he is a Diamond member of Allergan, placing him in the top 3% of all Plastic Surgeons performing breast surgeries in the country. A consultation with Dr. John Diaz is unlike any other. Dr. Diaz spends an entire hour with you during the consultation explaining every detail of the operation and answering all of your questions. He also utilizes 3 dimensional imaging to show you what your results will look like. There is simply no other consultation that can match the experience you will have with Dr. Diaz.

Best Breast Reduction In Los Angeles

Dr. John Diaz Breast Reduction Specialist


Dr. John Diaz Breast Reduction Specialist

John Diaz is one of the Top Plastic Surgeons in Los Angeles

LA Magazine just recognized Dr. John Diaz as one of the best plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. 

Dr. John Diaz Breast Reduction Specialist

John Diaz, MD

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Diaz is often featured on TV and in magazines for his expertise in Breast Reduction. Dr. Diaz was asked to perform a breast reduction for the Dr. Drew show. You can watch the video . 


Dr. Diaz is one of the few surgeons in the world who has a Vectra System for Breast Surgery. This advanced imaging and software system allows you to see, in 3D, what the results of your surgery may look like. Click on the video to see how this system works. 

Dr. John Diaz Breast Reduction Specialist

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